Nutrichicos is a bilingual resource created by nutrition experts that provides reliable, practical, fun and up to date nutrition information. Our goal is to help parents and children improve their nutrition to ensure the development and well-being of children. We offer and array of services that include: individualized nutrition counseling, workshops and others. Nutrichicos services are offered in English and Spanish. It is never too early to begin eating healthy!
The mission of Nutrichicos is:

Through our unique and personalized nutrition programs, Nutrichicos seeks to help parents and families meet the nutritional needs of their kids with a wide range of medical conditions. Nutrichicos works closely with Pediatricians and Specialists to provide age-appropriate and comprehensive nutritional care to infants, children, adolescents and pregnant women.

Nutrichicos is dedicated in providing parents with trustworthy, practical and crafty information to help families live a healthier life. We give you helpful articles with useful tips, as well as fun and tasty recipes for the entire family.

Nutrition information can be both confusing and contradictory. That is why, we translate the latest science into practical information you can apply into your everyday lives. Nutrition is not an opinion, but a science. We know how to distinguish fact from fiction and are committed to give you the tools to make realistic eating behavior changes.

Nutrichicos was created by Registered Dietitian & Diabetes Expert, Marina Chaparro after her many years of experience providing nutritional counseling to children and families with diverse medical conditions. One of the biggest challenges she encountered was the lack of reliable and culturally appropriate material in Spanish and English focused on kids’ nutrition. Marina is originally from the border town of El Paso TX.