My Top 10 ALDI Picks for Under $50 – Supermarket Shopping Guide by Registered Dietitian and Mom

Disclaimer: This post was developed in sponsored partnership with ALDI, however, as always opinions are my own.


Before becoming a mom, I liked going to the supermarket to explore new foods and choose my own produce. Yes, call me old-school. But, now as a mom of two, my time is precious, and supermarket shopping visits are timed to the minute. Thankfully, there is a faster, easier, and smarter way to save money at the grocery store by shopping at ALDI! This is why I’m happy to partner with ALDI and share my favorite nutritious, affordable and high-quality snacks, pantry items, produce and more.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love going to the supermarket, and I intentionally bring my daughters (if time permits). You might be wondering, why would anyone purposely bring their kids to the supermarket? Well, there is a reason behind my madness. First, it distracts my kids (always a plus). Secondly and most important of all, my daughters get to see new foods, with different colors, smells, and textures. Coming here is like Disneyland for them – a fun, judgment-free zone where we get to talk about food, among other things. We even have an activity called the “new fruit of the week,” where she selects whatever fruit/food she sees that is new or different to her. (See my IG stories for some behind the scenes)

As a mom and pediatric dietitian, I always encourage you to expose kids to new foods, which is why I like bringing kids to the supermarket and asking them to pick a new fruit/veggie or exciting food. If you happen to have a challenging eater at home, this can help you create a positive relationship with food.

But I get you, we all want our supermarket shopping to be made simpler and faster. The good news is that it can! I’m so happy to partner with ALDI to show you a faster, easier, smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries. If you have never shopped at an ALDI before, get ready, because once you shop here, you will not want to go back to another store.

Why I love coming to ALDI:

  • Their products are amazing and affordable. 1 in 5 ALDI- exclusive products is award-winning.*
  • They have a wide selection of easy to spot organic products, including fresh meats, hummus, almond milk, and fruit.
  • They offer premium food and household products that are in stores for a limited time called ALDI Finds. They’re a fun way ALDI surprises shoppers with nearly 100 unique and trendy products each week.
  • The best part is that research shows that shopping at ALDI was 20% faster compared to other supermarkets. Every inch of an ALDI store is intentionally designed to provide a more streamlined experience, offering shoppers exactly what they need, nothing more and nothing less.


So, what does a nutrition expert buy at the supermarket? Below, I’m sharing my ultimate ALDI shopping list kid and mom-approved for under $50. Enjoy!

  1. Park Street Deli Hummus Singles – Love these portable hummus packets.  Great for school lunches or simply a day at the beach.  They also include a chocolate variety for any of my chocolate lovers!  Pair it with a whole-wheat bread for a tasty and nutritious snack/dessert. Price: $2.99

    Perfect on-the go snacks!

  2. Specially Selected Whole Grain Basmati Rice– Whole grain rice that tastes good! I love the aromatic flavor of Basmati rice.  Now you can enjoy the same taste with more nutrition in this whole-grain variety.  Price: $2.99

    Whole Grain Basmati Rice

  3. liveGfree Multiseed Snack Crackers- These crackers are addictive and yes, they are gluten-free. I don’t normally buy GF, but a friend suggested I should try these, and she was right! Crispy and with a slightly sweet flavor.  liveGfree is the ALDI-exclusive gluten-free brand that earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.  Flavors include rosemary and sea salt. Price: $1.99

    My newest obsession!

  4. Specially Selected Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Finding good quality EVOO can be expensive.  I truly loved the Specially Selected brand at ALDI for its bold flavor, premium quality and affordable price.  It’s probably half the price compared to other organic olive oils.  Must try! Price: $7.99

    In love with this Italian EVOO!

  5. Priano Pesto- Even though I grow my own basil, it’s nice to find a high-quality product at an affordable price.  Having pesto in my pantry is a lifesaver to make last-minute shrimp and pasta.  Tons of flavor with minimal preparation. Price: $2.19

    Great for shrimp or dressing veggies

  6. Simply Nature Low Sodium Sprouted Grain Whole Wheat Bread– Organic, whole-grain sprouted bread with less sodium.  It’s soft and nutty in flavor.  I love a good seeded bread, and this came in a low-sodium variety.  Price: $2.99

    Low sodium whole grain bread

  7. Southern Grove Pistachios/Trail Mix- Nuts are a must in our household. From pistachios to almonds and any type of trail mix, you can find many varieties.  This Southern Grove almond, walnut, raisin mix is a favorite. Price: $4.49 

    These are a must in our household!

  8. Fremont Fish Market Frozen Cod Fillets – Fish can be expensive. Buying frozen fish is a great way to ensure you’re meeting the recommended 2-3 times a day fish consumption without breaking the bank.  This product is labeled MSC which has been certified to meet best practices of sustainability standards and you can actually trace it to a certified sustainable fishery.  Price: $9.99

    Certified Sustainable Fish

  9. Simply Nature Multigrain Tortilla Chips– Gluten-free tortillas made with corn, flax, brown rice, and sunflower seeds.  It offers a good source of whole grains without losing flavor. Price: $1.89

    Great for parties, or after-school snacks!

  10. Simply Nature Organic Canned Tomatoes– One of my pantry staples is diced tomatoes. I like having plain canned tomatoes for making quick homemade sauces with a few herbs from the garden.  You won’t believe the price of this 28oz can. Price: $1.85

    Another staple at such an affordable price

  11. Organic Strawberries– At ALDI it is easy to spot organic produce because they are clearly marked. At times and depending on the fruit or vegetable, I like buying organics.  Especially if the price is this good.  Other favorites include organic Brussels sprouts and portobello mushrooms. Price: $3.49

    Tons of organic fruits and produce

  12. Moser Roth Dark Chocolate– One of my all-time favorite foods in this world is dark chocolate.  I eat it almost every day.  Absolutely loved this brand and the quality of the chocolate is superior.  If you are looking for a simple decadent kid-friendly dessert, check out this recipe from ALDI for dark-chocolate cranberry almond bark here. Price $1.99

    Gotta have some dark chocolate!

  13. Emporium Selection Australian Grass-fed Cheddar Cheese- The ALDI-exclusive Emporium Selection line of cheeses was very surprising, in a good way.  From truffle cheddar to aged gouda, you will find many types of premium cheeses perfect for entertaining.  This grass-fed cheddar was a seasonal product that we finished in only a few days.  Can’t beat the price! Price $3.89

Premium cheeses-Australian Cheddar Cheese

And there you have it, my ultimate ALDI shopping list for a total price of $48.73! You have a variety of snacks, fresh produce and meals to last for a week or more. 

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s your favorite ALDI product? #ALDILove. Visit to take advantage of better-for-you and holiday recipes so you can make fresh food at home.  For more fun information and tips,  you can follow @ALDIUSA on Instagram and @ALDIUSA on Twitter.



(*As of 5/3/2019, based on an audit of every day, nationally distributed ALDI-exclusive branded products)

The Ultimate Carb-Counting Guide for Halloween

Yes, your child with type 1 can eat candy! You heard it right.  For parents and kids with type 1 diabetes, Halloween can be a scary time (no pun intended). Not because of the costumes or haunted houses, but because it could be a day of high blood sugars and unexpected blood sugar control.

As a certified diabetes educator who works with children and a person with type 1 myself, I think it’s important for kids to feel “normal” on this day.  That being said, “Normal” does not mean children get to eat the entire bucket of candy, just because they are kids. NO, it means children can enjoy a few treats in moderation.  If you are planning to go trick or treating with your child, consider this:

  • Always supervise and safe check candy before allowing children to eat it

  • Trade in candy for toys or money. There is no better incentive for an older kid than money. 

  • Allow a maximum number of candy, choose 10-20 candies total. The rest can be donated to local dentist office or even to US troops.

  • Give candy as part of a meal that way you can include the carbs in your total insulin calculation.

  • Avoid giving candy in between meals as it can interfere with not only hunger but cause spikes in blood glucose

So now that you’ve establish some rules regarding Halloween, now what?

I don’t know about you, but carb counting is hard.  This becomes even more challenging with bite size candy because they might NOT include nutrition labels.  A recent article by USA today, surveyed more than 40,000 people and mapped the top Halloween treats by state.  So, we decided to take this list and adapt it to include the carbohydrate amounts of the favorite candy by state.  No matter where you live, you are sure to find the carbs of the treats you love.


  • Alabama- Airheads= (1 mini airhead= 11g carbs)
  • Alaska-Snickers = (1 fun size= 10g)
  • Arizona- Toblerone = (mini=7g)
  • Arkansas- Skittles = (Mini Pack= 13g)
  • California- Lifesavers= (4 pieces= 16g)
  • Colorado- Milkyway= (1 miniature=6g)
  • Connecticut- Reses Peanut Butter Cups= (5 mini= 26g; 1 cup= 12g)
  • Delaware- 3 Musketeers= (1 fun size= 12g)
  • Florida- Nestle Crunch Bar= 1 fun size=7g)
  • Georgia- Pixie Stick (1 straw=2g)
  • Hawaii-100 grand bar= (1 fun size 8g)
  • Idaho- Butterfinger= (1 bite size 5g; 1 fun size=14g)
  • Illinois- Snickers = (1 fun size= 10g)
  • Indiana- Reese’s Pieces= (50 pieces= 23g)
  • Iowa- Twix= (Fun size=10g)
  • Kansas- Twizzlers (One piece=8g; Mini=11g)
  • Kentucky- Whoopers (8 pieces=15g)
  • Louisiana- Swedish Fish (1 pack= 16g)
  • Maine- Starburst (2 chews=8.5g)
  • Maryland- Almond Joy (Snack size= 10g)
  • Massachusetts- Starburst (2 chews=8.5g)
  • Michigan- M&M (Fun size= 12g)
  • Minnesota- 100 grand bar= (1 fun size 8g)
  • Mississippi- Hershey’s Kisses (one piece=2g)
  • Missouri- Hershey’s Kisses (one piece=2g)
  • Montana- Kit Kat Bar (fun size= 10g)
  • Nebraska- Skittles (mini pack= 13g)
  • Nevada- Jolly Ranchers (One piece=6g)
  • New Hampshire- Tootsie Roll (1 midgee= 7g)
  • New Jersey- Sour Patch Kids (1 pack= 16g)
  • New Mexico- 3 Musketeers (1 fun size= 12g)
  • New York- Sweet Tart Mini pack (5 packs=13g)
  • North Carolina- Butterfinger= (1 bite size 5g; 1 fun size=14g)
  • Ohio- Milky Way Mini- (1 mini=5g)
  • Oklahoma- M&M (Fun size= 12g)
  • Oregon- Candy Corn (15 pieces= 15g)
  • Pennsylvania- Swedish Fish (1 pack= 16g)
  • Rhode Island- Reses Peanut Butter Cups= (5 mini= 26g; 1 cup= 12g)
  • South Carolina- Candy Corn (15 pieces= 15g)
  • South Dakoda- Laffy taffy (1 piece= 6g)
  • Tennessee- Candy Corn (15 pieces= 15g)
  • Texas- Candy Corn (15 pieces= 15g)
  • Utah- Nerds (small box= 14g)
  • Vermont- Almond Joy (mini=8, snack size=10g)
  • Virginia- Reese’s Pieces= (50 pieces= 23g)
  • Washington-Airheads (mini=11g)
  • West Virginia- Oreos (1 oreo=6g)
  • Wisconsin- Laffy taffy (1 piece= 6g)
  • Wyoming-Candy Corn (15 pieces= 15g)
  • District of Columbia- Twix (fun size=10g, mini=7g)

If you didn’t find your favorite candy, you can always check out these other great carb-counting resources found in the American Diabetes Association and JDRF websites

As with everything in life, it comes down to balance and moderation.  Diabetes success  is 80% planning and 20% adapting for the unexpected.  Halloween does not need to be a scary time for your family.  Instead, establish some rules, plan in advance, make sure to count carbs and yes enjoy a chocolate or two!